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Anna Fienberg

The Book of Magnificent Monsters  Tashi Collection
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OVER ONE MILLION COPIES SOLD! Tashi is full of incredible tales. Like the one about a hideous monster that burst out of the garden workshop, or the one about slippery demons who tried to make Tashi talk, or the one about a house on chicken legs and a witch who eats children. Good thing Tashi is a..
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The Book of Magical Mysteries  Tashi Collection 3
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OVER ONE MILLION COPIES SOLD! No one in the village is as brave as Tashi. Only he could scare the ghost monsters out of the forest, or travel all the way along the dark underground passage to the Mountain of White Tigers. Tashi always has a cunning plan, whether he is facing a ferocious war lord,..
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The Big Big Big Book of Tashi
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He's brave! He's bold! HE'S THE BEST! Tashi's too cunning for the war lord and the wicked baron, and far too clever for giants, ghosts, witches and demons. And Tashi tells the best stories ever! Seven books rolled into one Big Big Big Book of Tashi. That's fourteen daredevil adventures. ..
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Tashi and the Stolen Forest
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OVER ONE MILLION COPIES SOLD! 'Why, that interfering little worm, someone ought to step on him!' the Baron hissed to Tiki Pu. I guessed he was talking about me. 'Well, never mind if he blabs about the wood,' he added, cheering up. 'I'll just lie, and say I had nothing to do with it. You, however,..
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