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Earth sciences geography environment planning

Earth sciences geography environment planning
Fragile Planet
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REMAINDER MARKED -A striking look at climate change through dramatic photographs This unique book provides a striking look at the dramatic changes that are happening to our planet. Containing over 230 stunning photographs, this important book documents the effects of climate systems and forces of n..
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Fire Storm and Flood  The violence of climate cha
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REMAINDER MARKED -An unflinching photographic record of the epic effects of a violent climate, from the earliest extinction events to the present. Violent geologic events have ravaged the Earth since time began, spanning the vast eons of our planets existence. These seismic phenomena have scored the..
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*CBCA 2022 Notable Book: Eve Pownall Award* Age range 6 to 9 A conservation tale of the Gilbert’s Potoroo – Australia’s rarest mammal. When a bushfire destroys Potoroo’s home, he becomes one of the last surviving Gilbert’s Potoroos at Two Peoples Bay in Western Australia. Frightened, hurt and alone,..
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Toxic The Rotting Underbelly of the Tasmanian Sal
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