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Blind Goddess Hanne Wilhelmsen 1

 Blind Goddess  Hanne Wilhelmsen 1
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Blind Goddess Hanne Wilhelmsen 1
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  • By: Anne Holt
  • Barcode: 9780857892256
A drug dealer is battered to death in the outskirts of Oslo. A young Dutch student, covered in blood, walks aimlessly through the streets of the city. He is taken into custody, but refuses to speak. Five days later a shady criminal lawyer called Hans Olsen is murdered. The two deaths don't seem related, but Detective Inspector Hanne Wilhelmsen is unconvinced. Soon, she uncovers a link between the bodies: Olsen defended the drug dealer. But there are powerful forces working against Hanne; a conspiracy that reaches far beyond a crooked lawyer and a small-time dealer. The investigation will take her into the offices of the most powerful men in Norway - and even put her own life at risk.
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Product Format Paperback
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