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1942  the year the war came to Australia
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'Grose's compassionate, honest and vivid account deserves to be widely read.' Sun Herald on An Awkward Truth 'About as good as any yarn can get . . . a great retelling of a great story.' Sydney Morning Herald on A Very Rude Awakening Originally published as the best-selling An Awkward Truth an..
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The shadows hide a deadly story . . . 1979. It is the winter of discontent, and reporter Allie Burns is chasing her first big scoop. There are few women in the newsroom and she needs something explosive for the boys' club to take her seriously. Soon Allie and fellow journalist Danny Sullivan are exp..
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30 Ways To Join The Food Revolution  A Sustainabl
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REMAINDER MARKED - 30 Ways to Join the Food Revolution is the first book of its kind to present sustainable eating with a fail safe 30-way recipe plan for readers to follow and cook from. Based on the simple principle that local ingredients equal the lowest possible carbon footprint, Ollie Hunter en..
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A Ghost in my Suitcase
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The flute music stops. and my breath catches in my throat. Silence falls like a veil. Then I hear something - no. I feel it in my chest. Steady yourself. Por Por whispers. Its here . . . When thirteen-year-old Celeste travels to China to visit her grandmother. she uncovers an incredible family ..
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A Kiwi Year
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- REMAINDER MARKED TITLE - We are Charlie Ruby Oliver Mason and Kaia ? and we?re ready to take you on a journey through twelve months in the life of New Zealand?s kids. Enjoy festivals and events games and sports flora and fauna quirky traditions and the famous sites of our country. Come join us on ..
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A Life of Extremes
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By: Max Quinn
REMAINDER MARKED -In this personal account of Max Quinn’s extraordinary filmmaking career, get a first-hand look at the most extreme places on earth. From travelling 80 kilometres over crevassed ice to keeping bodies and cameras warm in the coldest climates on earth, Max has plenty of adventure to s..
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A Single Stone
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Middle grade fiction with dystopian elements. Challenging and thought-provoking; affecting and beautifully crafted.Every girl dreams of being part of the line - the chosen seven who tunnel deep into the mountain to find the harvest. No work is more important. Jena is the leader of the line - strong,..
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Afloat in Venice
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Monkey can't wait to use his new camera in Venice... but along the way he discovers something more precious than sight-seeing! Imaginative, nostalgic and quirky, the Monkey's Great Adventures series, with bespoke hand-knitted toys, is beautifully photographed in locations all around the world. Monke..
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After The Flood
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Life is about more than just surviving... An unforgettable, inventive, and riveting epic saga about a mother, her daughter and their struggle to survive in a post-apocalyptic flooded world, which signals the arrival of an extraordinary new talent. 'An adventure rife with great peril and high..
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Annabel  Again
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A humorous and touching middle-grade novel about the changing shape of friendship by multiple-award-winner Meg McKinlay. Livvy and Annabel have been best friends forever. Together, they’ve survived kamikaze magpies, wacky mothers and a nemesis named Summer. Together, they’ve carried their netball..
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Australia Free 4
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Originally the result of several years travel and research by a single author, Australia Free 4 is the latest edition of Australia’s best guide to fun travel in Australia on a budget. Other books simply show you where to rest up or camp: over half of Australia Free’s content is actually about making..
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Australian Code Breakers
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The extraordinary story of a headmaster turned cryptographer, and our top-secret war with the Kaiser's Reich. On 11 August 1914, just days after war had been declared, Australian Captain J.T. Richardson boarded a German merchant vessel fleeing Melbourne's Port Phillip and audaciously seized a t..
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