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First Field Guides Australian Frogs and Reptiles

 First Field Guides  Australian Frogs and Reptiles
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First Field Guides Australian Frogs and Reptiles
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The First Field Guide to Australian Frogs & Rept iles introduces you to the differences between frogs and reptiles. It will help you recognise the different sorts of reptiles found in Australia and their characteristics, such as the fact that fro gs and reptiles are both: vertebrate – they have spinal cords protected by backbones e ctothermic – their bodies are as warm or cold as the ir surroundings The guide makes identification simple by p roviding similar species information and hints on observing, recording a nd classifying. With detailed descriptions of over 50 species, the guide includes: colour photographs interesting fac ts about behaviour habitat information with maps gloss ary, recommended references and index About the se ries: First Field Guides he lp the budding naturalist learn more about Australia's fascinating wildl ife, and are a great way for nature lovers to embark on a voyage of disc overy of Australia's natural environment.
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