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Farsi Persian for Beginners

Farsi  Persian  for Beginners
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Farsi Persian for Beginners
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  • By: Saeid Atoofi
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Perfect for self-studiers or traditional students, this Farsi language book takes a user-friendly approach. Farsi for Beginners is a complete language course by experienced teacher Dr. Saeid Atoofi, which will help you to speak the language and open doors to Persian culture. This second edition is updated to include IT and social media vocabulary and downloadable audio files. Whether for pleasure, travel or business, language learners will find these lessons clear and easy to follow. By the end of this course, you'll be able to understand short sentences, express your basic needs, and read and write the 32-letter Farsi alphabet. Farsi for Beginners contains the following essential features: Dialogues and stories about a family traveling to contemporary Iran Downloadable native-speaker audio recordings help you to pronounce Farsi accurately Idioms, sayings and poems introducing you to the cultures in which Farsi is used Extensive exercises with answer keys to guide your learning process Photos and insider cultural tips teach you about Persian culture
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