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Data Crush How The Information Tidal Wave Is Driv

Data Crush  How The Information Tidal Wave Is Driv
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Data Crush How The Information Tidal Wave Is Driv
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- REMAINDER MARKED TITLE - Do you still view the Internet as mainly a tool to tell your customers about your business If so you are missing out on the Internets true value for your company today-and the oversight has been hampering your potential in ways you cant afford to allow any longer.Every move your customers make online can be tracked catalogued and analyzed to better understand their preferences and predict their future behavior. And with smartphone activity becoming as common as breathing customers are now online almost every second of every day. Data Crush examines the forces behind the explosive growth in data and reveals how the most innovative companies are responding to this challenge.Balancing examples from giants like Amazon Home Depot and Ford with newer players like Rovio Groupon and scores of niche-market winners this invaluable resource clarifies the key drivers in this data deluge that is revolutionizing the marketing game:? The proliferation of ?big data? generated by a never-ending range of online activities? The seemingly infinite array of digital commerce and entertainment pathways? The rising growth of Cloud computingThe biggest value of the Internet for your business today is now what it tell you about your customers. This never-ending onslaught of data is indeed daunting but the opportunity to capitalize on it all is too much to pass on. Data Crush will help you make sense of it all and formulate the best plan of attack for your specific needs.
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