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The Book of Magical Mysteries Tashi Collection 3

The Book of Magical Mysteries  Tashi Collection 3
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The Book of Magical Mysteries Tashi Collection 3
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  • By: Anna Fienberg
  • Barcode: 9781760525200
OVER ONE MILLION COPIES SOLD! No one in the village is as brave as Tashi. Only he could scare the ghost monsters out of the forest, or travel all the way along the dark underground passage to the Mountain of White Tigers. Tashi always has a cunning plan, whether he is facing a ferocious war lord, outwitting a sly genie or confronting Bang Bang, the trouble-making bully. There's no stopping Tashi! Explore the wonderful world of Tashi in these eight mystifying stories in one volume! ACCLAIM FOR TASHI First published in 1995 and has now achieved classic status with sales of over one million copies. 'All children should meet Tashi. He can be their mentor on the road to reading, feeding their imaginations with fantastic stories. The Tashi stories have the evergreen qualities of classics.' Magpies 'The Tashi stories are some of my all-time favourites: a world within a world and a magical place for children to lose themselves in.' Sally Rippin, bestselling author of Polly and Buster and Billie B. Brown 'I read my kids Tashi - it's this story that they love.' Angelina Jolie
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