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Struggle and Success

  • Author: Ren?e Hollis
  • Product Code: B9781925820089
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- REMAINDER MARKED TITLE - We must all start somewhere. In this collection of real-life stories 25 people take readers on an inspiring journey through the struggles they have overcome in pursuit of success. From small personal triumphs to large career goals or lifetime achievements each success big or small offers an inspirational insight into the inner workings of lives from around the globe highlighting one of humankind?s greatest traits ? resilience. Discover the successes of everyday people; from life in a rural African village to surviving the droughts and rains of Western Australia; from discovering a new world in post-World War II Canada to following a young girl learning to navigate and overcome the perils of schoolyard bullying. As F. Scott Fitzgerald once said ?The World only exists in your eyes. You can make it as big or as small as you want? ? a reminder to us all to live celebrate and not despair for too long. In?Struggle and Success you will discover no dream and no situation is stillborn. These stories show how we can all turn personal struggles into our own successes using the wisdom we acquire along the way. Interwoven with inspiring quotes from notable figures as diverse as Walt Disney Oscar Wilde Demi Lovato and Martin Luther King Jr the result is a collection of true stories dedicated to the unrelenting spirit of the human race
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Product Format:Hardback