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The Jokiest Joking Joke Book Ever Written

  • Author: Kathi Wagner
  • Product Code: 9781250086150
  • Availability: In Stock
What would Taylor Swift's dog do if he fell in the water? He would shake it off, off, off. What is something you should never do to your headphones? Poke them in their Iphone. How did the smart phone get smarter? It studied its text books. What kind of meal does Pharrell order? A Because I'm Happy meal. Why are jeans always sad? Because they're blue. How can a phone take pictures without anyone else pushing a button? All by its Selfie. Why did the chicken want a GPS? To help it get to the other side of the road. Where does Ariana like to go on vacation? To the Grande Canyon. How did the caveman let his friends know what he was doing? He posted it on his wall.
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Product FormatPaperback