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The Sound of the Dark

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Do you ever get that creepy feeling? … Like there’s something spooky hiding under your bed? … Like a rumbling growl from a dark alley as you walk past? … Like that shivering sensation at the back of your spine, as if someone you can’t see… is watching you? Get ready to be freaked out! Fifteen young editors, mentored by children’s author Tony Wilson and publishing industry professionals, put together a spine-chilling collection of stories on the theme of ‘creepy horror’. The collection includes twelve hair-raising tales and poems written by young Australian writers between the ages of 8 to 12, alongside an original contribution by children’s author Oliver Phommavanh, that Andy Griffiths describes as “A white knuckle rollercoaster ride of pure terror!” Program Details Every year, a panel of fifteen young editors, aged 8 to 12, are assembled to take part in 100 Story Building’s Early Harvest publishing program. They select the theme of the book, commission cover art, and illustrations, curate the collection and make all the creative decisions involved in putting the book together. Throughout the process, they are guided by publishing industry professionals — including authors, designers, artists, and marketing experts. This year, 100 Story Building facilitators and children’s writer Tony Wilson mentored children from across Melbourne through school incursions on the intricacies of writing a truly creepy tale. One hundred and thirty of these young authors submitted finished stories for consideration. From these, the young editors selected the twelve best stories and rounded out the collection by commissioning Oliver Phommavanh to contribute his work. The Early Harvest program was launched in 2011. Since then, the associated publications have featured 116 young authors as well as Andy Griffiths, Terry Denton, Shaun Tan, Alice Pung, Sally Rippin, Maxine Beneba Clarke, Andrew McDonald, Davina Bell, and Morris Gleitzman.
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