• Squishy Taylor and the First Three Adventures

Squishy Taylor and the First Three Adventures

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Modern Family meets Harriet the Spy in this hilarious and cheeky mystery series!' SquishyTaylor is a cheeky, sneaky 11-year-old who lives with her dad and step-family in a very crowded apartment. Luckily for Squishy, their building is huge – and there's always plenty of mysteries to investigate!Likeher first three adventures…Who’s hiding in the basement?Who’s been smuggling illegal diamonds?How do you get rid of a Chinese-warrior ghost?How many Squishy Taylor books have you read?Contains: Squishy Taylor and the Bonus SistersSquishy Taylor and a Question of TrustSquishy Taylor and the Vase that Wasn'tA hilarious junior fiction book series from Australian author Ailsa Wild about solving mysteries, blending families and leaping to conclusions quicker than a ninja-gazelle!Australian superstar Squishy Taylor is a curious, likeable and instantly relatable hero for ALL kids aged 6 and up. She’s part of a blended family – a new kind of normal for so many kids, whether it’s a Modern Family or more of a Brady Bunch. Between nightly Skype-chats with her mum (who lives in Geneva), dealing with a noisy baby at home, sharing a room with her two new ‘bonus sisters’, and getting to know her new stepmum, there’s always a new challenge or exciting mystery to solve.

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