• The Shop at Hoopers Bend

The Shop at Hoopers Bend

  • Author: Rodda, Emily
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 'RODDA IS A MASTER STORYTELLER . . . THIS IS A BEAUTIFUL, COMPELLING STORY'- Books+Publishing, four stars When Quil Medway gets on the train, she thinks she knows where and howher journey will end. At camp. With another school holiday spent surrounded bypeople, but feeling alone. Quil doesn't know how wrong she is. She doesn't know anything about theshop at Hoopers Bend. Or a bitter, prickly woman called Bailey Or a littleblack and white dog who at this very moment is chewing through a rope so he'll be free to answer a call that only he can hear. She doesn't know about the magic. But it won't be long now ...From one of Australia's most renowned children's authors, this is a story about coming home when you didn't even know that was where you belonged.

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