• Where's Jessie?

Where's Jessie?

  • Author: Brian, Janeen
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Age range: 3+Bertie Bear was going on a long journey. He didnt realise it would be on a camel! And he never imagined he would be having adventures on his own, far away from Jessie.Bertie sets off with his family to head out into the Outback. He is packed into a box to travel with the cameleers as he wont fit on the horse-drawn cart with the family (and young Jessie, his owner). But Bertie doesnt understand where his family has gone. Wheres Jessie? is the refrain that runs through the book, as Bertie bumps along on the camel, then falls off unnoticed. Bertie has adventures with the kind cameleers, and meeting desert animals before he is swept along in a flash flood, gets taken high in an eagles talons, and finally falls to the ground, left all alone. Luckily, a young Indigenous boy finds him and returns him to Jessie: a happy ending!

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Format Hardback

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