• Little Witch - Secrets & Spells

Little Witch - Secrets & Spells

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Secrets & Spells is the first instalment in the sparkling, magical Little Witch series from one of Australias popular childrensauthors.The tiny beach town of Mixton Bay was not Courtneys idea of a holiday. In fact, she thought it was the sleepiest, most boring holiday place ever! Little did she know that family secrets, magic and mystery, and the memory of her grandma Delia would result in a magical holiday to remember.Twelve-year old Courtney never met her grandmother but it seems like Delia wants to make her presence felt.Her Dad is certainly not saying why he left Mixton Bay all those years ago, and the strange things that are happening in her grandmothers old house, well, theyre just adding to the mystery! When Courtney finds a mystical Book of Spells with her name on the box, you could say the holiday starts to get a lot more interesting.Add in to the mix Ink the talking cat, and her new friend, Justice, a surfer boy with a secret of his own, and this new little witch is just getting started with hilarious consequences. Will Courtney discover what lies behind all the secrets and bring her family closer together or will she explode trying?

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Format Paperback
Pages 176

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